DAVID + AMY | Part 2

Back in June, I shared Part 1 of my wedding photos for the lovely David & Amy.  This was my first ever wedding shoot and it was the biggest risk I've taken with my photography so far.  Whilst at times this was oh so scary and unbelievably nerve-wracking, I am so pleased I put myself out there for this opportunity as I learnt so much from the experience and it has really helped me to turn a corner with my work and direction for Morganna Designs.   

After the wedding ceremony I had the opportunity to take some photos of the lovely couple in the beautiful grounds of Underley Grange, a small Country House in the heart of Silverdale that David and Amy had hired for their special wedding weekend.  Both were so relaxed and happy to be photographed.  For my first wedding, they were a dream to work with and happy to let me take some more creative images for my portfolio.

After capturing a few images in the fields at the back of the house we headed through the grounds to take a few photos by the gate overlooking the sheep and rolling hills.  For a spring day in April, the sunshine was bright and the sunglasses were out!  The bright light was a little tricky for me to manage for the portrait shots and it's definitely something I want to learn from and develop, but it's all good experience and all part of the learning curve.  

After taking lots of photos of the happy couple, it was time to cut the cake!

Then I took lots of photos of David and Amy with family and friends.  I'm not usually very good at this kind of formal photography, but everyone at the wedding was so happy and friendly that it put me at ease.  

As the heat of the afternoon wore away and more bottles of champagne were opened, I managed to get a few photos of the flower girls blowing bubbles from their party bags before saying goodbye to everyone and heading home.  

I'm eternally grateful to David & Amy for giving me a chance and letting me document their special day.  It was a scary thing for me to do, but I'm so proud of the images I took and for the confidence it's given me to pursue my next steps.  

Dream big everyone and step outside of your comfort zone every so often, it pays off!

M x