Some News...

  Me and Steve in our 'Daddysaurus' / 'Pregasaurus' t-shirts

Me and Steve in our 'Daddysaurus' / 'Pregasaurus' t-shirts

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you had fantastic Christmas breaks full of joy and merriment.  I'm taking the plunge today (it felt right being the start of a new year) to share the news that me and Steve are expecting our first baby 'Monk-ey', due on the 3rd May 2018.  I'm now over half way through the pregnancy and it has felt too scary to share the news until now.  Fingers and toes crossed we'll be welcoming a healthy baby boy in the Spring!

Pregnancy hasn't been a smooth ride so far and 'morning sickness' really needs re-branding to all 'effing day sickness!  I've been projectile vomiting from the early weeks all the way through to 20 weeks and that has now been overtaken by crazy hot flashes, skin irritations and a seriously faulty temperature gauge - thanks hormones!  

I'm hoping to share a couple of pregnancy blog posts on my tips for surviving a crazy pregnancy and getting through the first and soon the second trimester.  I've read so much online about things so far and each trimester brings its own trials and tribulations that I'm hoping it will be a kind of therapy for me.  If you have any tips I'd love to hear them too so add a comment, or drop me a message (I hang out on Instagram mainly).

Wishing you all a Happy and prosperous New Year!