Saying Goodbye to 2017 and Planning the Year Ahead

  Taking some time to plan the year ahead...

Taking some time to plan the year ahead...

It feels really strange to plan some goals for 2018 when there will soon be a new baby joining us and at the moment there are a whole lot of unknowns.  However, as most of you know, I'm a lover of goal-setting, list-making and planning.  Last year, I meticulously set out my goals for 2017 with month by month aims and challenges.  I have to say, taking the time to do this really paid off and 2017 was a really productive and goal advancing year for me - I developed my photography skills with numerous photo shoots to build my portfolio, I photographed my first wedding and met some lovely new people along the way.  This year, I feel that there will be just as much personal development in a different way.


Whilst browsing Twitter over the lazy Christmas break, I spotted this tweet from Sara Tasker (Insta Guru) and decided to give the Year Compass a try.  If you're new to setting goals or just want a different way to think about your resolutions, I'd really recommend putting the kettle on, playing some relaxing music, lighting a candle, grabbing a notebook and pen and gifting yourself some time to reflect on the year that's been and dream about the new year ahead.  I though I'd share some of my responses to the questions in the booklet here as this will be my plan for 2018...


My word for the year ahead: GROW

Secret Wishes:

  1. To adjust to motherhood and having a new baby.  To make time for family and embrace the unexpected highs and lows of life with a new born.
  2. To have more time for Morganna Designs and to share more of 'me' in this online space (I understand that this may feel vulnerable at times, but there's such a supportive community on Instagram / the blogosphere that it feels right.  I'm going to aim for 2 blog posts per month.  I'm also thinking of trying a weekly self-portrait challenge.  I'm rubbish at selfies and putting myself in the frame so this will be a challenge, but I think it will be good to experience what a client feels in front of the camera and to gain more confidence in putting myself in my work).
  3. To have more time at home and a new set of priorities.  I'm still deciding when I'll finish work at the university for my maternity leave and I'm really looking forward to spending more time at home.  Since we moved into our new house last November, it feels like we haven't had a lot of time to enjoy our new space and the garden.  Hoping this will change in 2018 as priorities start to shift from working life to house wife, mama, working mama?  I'd really like to establish a space at home for me to work on Morganna Designs and am hoping that in between the breast-feeding, nappy changes and lack of sleep there may be some moments for returning to this space.

Magical Triplets for the Year Ahead

These 3 things I will make my surroundings cosy with:

  1. A wooden bath caddy because I love baths!
  2. Have a dedicated space to work on Morganna Designs (revamp the spare room, declutter and add some artwork).
  3. Plants! - a way of bringing nature and the seasons into the home.

These 3 things I will do every morning:

  1. Make the best of myself - clothes, hair, moisturiser (self-care).
  2. Nourish myself with a good breakfast.
  3. Drink water!

These 3 things I will pamper myself with regularly:

  1. Baths!
  2. Early night - sleep!
  3. Reading for pleasure (on my fiction reading list The Handmaid's Tale, The Jane Austen Project, Apple Tree Yard, The Hunger Games, Into the Water, The Doorstep Cat).

I will connect with my loved ones in these ways:

  1. Picnics
  2. Walks
  3. Days out (life with a new born over the summer)

With these 3 presents will I reward my successes:

  1. Tripod (Manfrotto 190 / Vanguard Alta Pro)
  2. 50mm 1.4 USM lens
  3. More RAM and another external hard drive for laptop (photo editing).


This is what my next year will be about

PERSONAL LIFE AND FAMILY - Having a baby and adjusting to a new life as a family of 3.  

WORK, STUDIES, PROFESSION - Leaving my day job for maternity leave and spending my time on Morganna Designs.  Look at the possibility of a a coach / mentor to help build my photography business.

BELONGINGS (HOME, OBJECT) - Spending time at home, making small updates.

RELAXATION, HOBBIES, CREATIVITY - Baths and reading for pleasure / Learning to use my new camera (Canon 5d Mk II)

FRIENDS, COMMUNITY - Build a friendship group of mums as a support network.

HEALTH / FITNESS - Go to Empower Mums classes / Pregnancy Yoga.

INTELLECTUAL / EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL  - Non-fiction reading list (Studio Anywhere A Photographers Guide To Shooting in Unconventional Locations, Confidence, Pure Living, How to Detox Your Home, Style Your Brand, Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs, The Self-Care Project).

FINANCES - Keep track of spending using QuickBooks, increase photography rates and streamline processes.

What about you? Are you a believer or non-believer in resolutions and goal-setting?  What changes are you planning to make in 2018?  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments or pop by and say 'hi' to me on Instagram.