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I haven't been hanging out online as much these days as me and Steve have been so busy getting our flat ready to go on the market.  The majority of our weekends in May were spent ignoring the late spring sunshine; painting and sprucing up our living space.  Photos of our flat were taken just over 2 weeks ago (initially by our Estate Agent and then by me thanks to my improving skills with a camera) and I have to say the whole putting your house on the market, assessing your finances, looking at mortgages and viewing new properties has been exciting and over-whelming at the same time.  I'm glad we don't live in London where there's the added expense and pressure, but even here in little Lancaster there has been an influx of new builds recently (do they know something we don't?) forcing a competitive buyers market.  

Buying and selling your house is one of those emotional roller-coasters.  You get your hopes up every time someone views your home and my inner control freak goes into overdrive.  Yesterday, I decided to take a step back, slow down and appreciate what we have, which is a great little flat in a fantastic location.  For instance, today we've strolled 10 minutes to our favourite coffee shop, wandered down the hill to do our weekly shop and sat in the little park around the corner from us to eat our picnic lunch in the sunshine.  Life couldn't get much better really!  

Since deciding it was time to think about moving, me and Mr Steve have been exploring our surroundings and playing 'spot the For Sale' sign.  So far, we've viewed 3 properties in Abraham Heights, a secluded suburbia close to the Fairfield Fauna Nature Reserve (one of our favourite places for an evening stroll), 1 property that backed on to the Lancaster canal with views of the Ashton Memorial (where we got married) and 1 property overlooking the Glasson Docks marina.  It's a bit of a minefield in terms of what you get for your money in different areas.  Some properties have been surprisingly good, others disappointing and with our 2 current favourites, there's not much we can do until someone buys our flat... and so the saga of house-buying 'chains' begins...  

So, in the meantime, here's my plan of action for upping our house-selling game!:

  • I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo back in April and I plan to use the Kon Mari method to de-clutter as much as I can, so that when we are ready to move (whether that's next month or next year), the process will be simpler.  My friend Paula recently did this prior to moving to her new flat in South London and was so glad she'd tackled her over-accumulated belongings before the move date. 
  • Continue to improve our flat for future viewings.  I want to get some neutral bedding - this stone-washed grey looks perfect for our bedroom and white with a feature cushion would be great in the 'art room'.  
  • I'd like to add some more plants to our living space as not only are they great for cleansing the air but they add a sense of life and vitality to an otherwise sterile space.  These copper-dipped concrete planters look classy, though I think I could save myself some money and do a bit of a DIY job.

So, that's a little update on our life lately.  I'd love to hear your house-moving stories and top tips for showcasing your home to it's best...

love M xox