Printmaking at The Storey //

Rolling ink...

Last month, me and Steve attended a drop-in printmaking workshop at The Storey Art Gallery as a part of the First Fridays mini arts festival in Lancaster.  The Gallery is about a 5-minute walk from our little flat and we popped by on a Friday evening after work to check it out.  I'd spotted the event on Facebook and was so excited to pick-up a roller and ink again (I am a Fine Art student at heart!).  The event was run by Iain Sloan, master printer of Iron Press Printmaking and gave us the opportunity to use his very lovely Victorian Albion press.   

We decided to have a go at creating collagraph prints, sticking bits of textured paper, lace, and material to small pieces of card.  Steve went for a simple, but really effective design using a felt circle and some lace overlay.  It looked a bit like the Japanese flag with the red circle and whilst I was sceptical, I have to say his print was much better than mine!  

After we'd created our collagraphs, the next step was to ink-up our design ready for printing and we chose a vibrant orange colour for both prints.  

Steve went first using the Albion press, which gave me time to take some quick snaps of Iain's beautiful studio filled with printing paraphernalia and books...   

There was also a beautiful skylight window that looked out on to the chimney tops over the road and bathed the studio in lots of natural light...(photographer's dream!)

Next, it was my turn to use the press and I'd put my arty dungarees on for the occasion!


I love the physicality of printmaking and the suspense of waiting to see if your print comes out as you expect.  It's always a nice surprise (even when you make mistakes!).

All in all, it was a lovely way to end the working week and I discovered that Steve is an arty after all!    

Steve's print has pride of place in our bedroom...

If you fancy having a go at printmaking I would recommend checking out the workshops that Iain is running; most are over 1 or 2 days, so it's not a massive commitment and you get to go home with some great original artwork for your home!

Til next time, M x