Lavender Styling Shoot {In the Woods} Part 1

Lavender Styling Shoot (Photography Credit: Jennifer Ann Photography)

If you go down to the woods today...

Last summer, I tentatively took my first steps in fashion styling with flowers whilst creating the mock-ups for Karen & Ian's wedding.  Nearly 6 months later, I looked back over the photos and wrote a post about what I'd learnt from the process.  More time passed and in the new year, I decided I wanted to do something with the leftover lavender from my own wedding.  I started concocting a plan for another styling shoot.  These images are the result of this process and a collaboration with my talented photo-friend Jen. I'm super pleased with the results and chuffed to bits to share with you the first patch of photos!

In a similar way to my previous styling shoot, I had a really clear vision to work with in order to showcase my lavender crown at its best.  I'd sourced lots of inspiration on my + lavender styling + Pinterest board.  I've also been adding lots of new imagery to my + portraits + board.  

I used the same dress as last time with a lace top to create something more floaty and I knew the location really well as it's where I walk most lunch times!  

I made sure to wear some make-up on this shoot and even brought a new lavender eye shadow to complement my lavender crown.  Next time, I think I'll wear foundation rather than tinted moisturiser as the extra coverage really helps.  It would be great to find a hair / make-up stylist to work with but at least being a bit of a one-man-band gives you lots of skills!  To create my eye shadow look I watched Sophie Dahl's Lavender Smoky Eye tutorial.

In terms of photography equipment, I used my new 'nifty fifty' lens which Jen was so impressed with (she went and purchased one herself!).  We were blessed on the day with perfect weather (lots of sunshine in Lancaster which is rare!) and being in the woods for most of the shoot created some great dispersed, natural light portraits.  The 50mm lens also created amazing bokeh!

I'm thinking of a completely different look for my next styling shoot and want to do something completely different with what I wear and how I have my hair, though it would be great if I could find a willing model to help me, as trying to get photos of me not scowling was really difficult for Jen!

If you'd like to collaborate with me on my next shoot please get in touch.  I'm especially looking for models, hair/make-up/fashion stylists, though if you have a creative skill that you'd like to showcase I'd love to hear from you...

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