The Small Things That + Up

Lots of lunchtime walks spotting first signs of spring! Photograph by Jennifer Ann Photography

It's been a long winter, but finally I can feel the change of the seasons and the start of a new era. After a little blogging break, I've been gently getting back into some routines.  Taking some time out has given me a bit of clarity on a few things including this little space of mine and it feels good to be back!  

Here's what's been getting me through lately...

  • February was all about 'self care' and appreciating the small things.  I downloaded the Bliss gratitude journal app to my phone and most nights I've been recording 'Three Good Things' from my day.  Training your brain to focus on the positive really does make a big difference to your overall outlook.  
  • I've been pampering myself recently with this Aloe Vera Rescue Cream Mask from The Body Shop.  I have annoyingly temperamental skin, but this little pot of loveliness has been the skin treat my face has needed.  No nasty reactions = big thumbs up!
  • Sundays are my cooking days and I love a good roast chicken with lemon and thyme.  It's minimal effort and one of the few things that Steve will eat with me.  Roast chicken leftovers also set us up for the week ahead.  Win win!
  • I have a love / hate relationship with Instagram, but after taking some time away and reassessing my priorities I'm back posting almost daily updates trying not to get too caught up on what everyone else is doing or how many 'likes' I get.  These hashtags have introduced me to some new Insta-buddies. 
  • My office friend - Kay- lent me the Jonathan Creek Box Set recently and I've also been looking forward to weekly episodes of the Night Manager.  The weather isn't quite spring-like enough yet, so curling up on the sofa for some mystery and suspense has kept me going during busy work weeks.  


A few finds...

  • In search of the perfect wardrobe, lead me to this Pinterest account which is a stylist's dream.
  • My desk plant has had babies!  Hoping this post on propagating house plants will direct me on what to do next...
  • I've been listening to the Make It Happen podcasts by Jen Carrington recently and her latest blog post helped me add lots of new reads to my Amazon wishlist. 


So that's me.  How are you getting on? xox