Flower Studio : The Plan

Dreaming of my new flower studio...

I'm hoping that we're nearing the end of our house move ordeal and that come mid-autumn we will have eventually moved into our new home.  In the meantime, I've been spending far too much time on Pinterest dreaming and plotting my new flower studio.  

Back in our little flat, I was confined to a small section of the spare bedroom for flower making which wasn't the most ideal place for sloppy buckets of blooms, off cuts of stems and wet leaves!  So when we started the search for our new home, a creative space for me was on our wishlist and the house we're in the final stages of buying has the most perfect flower studio space.  It's actually a garage in the back garden, but given that we won't be driving our car over the lawn it's going to be my version of a man cave under the proviso that Steve can have a small corner to do his electronics work temporarily naming the space 'Leonardo's Workshop'.

Either way, I can't wait to have a dedicated space for all things floral and photography.  In the existing workshop there is a sink and electricity so it's perfect for working with flowers.  I plan to have a kettle (creativity fuel is needed always!), my CD player and our old fridge which is going to work as a mini cooler and a place to put my soya milk / snacks.  There is already some basic wooden shelving and a pull-out work bench so really the space couldn't be more perfect.  There are also a couple of windows and a side door for some natural light, though I plan to open the garage door for photo-shoots.  

Even though the space is pretty much perfect, I've still been planning some final touches and added extras to make it the creative place I want to work in.  I tried to embed a link to my + Flower Studio + Pinterest board into this blog post, but couldn't quite get it working (if anyone knows how to do this on Squarespace I'd love to hear from you!).  Instead, I've cut and pasted the highlight images to a simple snapshot mood board below:


Image Sources (clockwise from top left): 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5


  1. The walls in the workshop are made from grey breeze-block so to make them more photo-friendly I plan to paint them white and maybe have one wall or one section painted black for a chalkboard wall.
  2. It's important that I can stick up images, photographs and inspiration with pretty washi tape.
  3. I'm already planning my flower studio uniform including dungarees, aprons and boots.
  4. I'll need a bin for all flower waste to compost.  This one looks perfect.
  5. The workshop needs to be practical, but homely too so I'm going to keep my eyes open for a sofa bed and rug so that Steve, my friend Jen and our dog (one day!) can hang out!  
  6. Some wooden stools will be needed for when my feet get tired and I'm doing intricate wiring work.
  7. Lots of vases and ceramics from my visits to GB Antiques.  

This is what's keeping my going right now and I can't wait to eventually move in to my little flower studio.