New Year: New Goals

 My new Get To Work Daily Planner

My new Get To Work Daily Planner

Happy New Year Everyone!  Gosh my little break from work and blogging has flown by.  I hope you all had lovely festive breaks and are starting 2016 fresh and raring to go?  I quite like this time of year, being able to start over, to wipe the slate clean and start the New Year with new goals. 

Recently, I've realised that the key to achieving my long-term goals is establishing some daily, achievable habits and routines.  I read a blog post recently that suggested you should focus on habits and systems, not goals if you want to make big changes in your life and I think for me, this is the key to it, after all, in order to achieve anything in life you need to work at it, bit-by-bit and day-by-day.  That's the hard bit.  To keep going, when it's oh so easy to take the easier road.    

With this in mind, as soon as New Year beckoned I was itching to start using my new Get To Work planner created by Elise Blaha Cripe small business owner, crafter and mother from California.  The idea behind it is to "help you make progress on your big goals by taking things one day at a time.  While (sadly) it can't do your work for you, every inch of it was thoughtfully designed to help you get to work." 

I'm also keen to start using a new analogue system that my friend Catriona introduced me to.  It's called bullet journal and it merges your diary, to do list and notebook into one as a simple and effective productivity tool.  You don't need to buy a fancy planner, all you need is a blank notebook and a pen to get started.  I watched the YouTube video to fully grasp the method and I'm now hooked on the system.  

So, combined with new tools and systems, I'm ready to tackle my goals for 2016 which I've decided to share with you, because this little blog of mine was created to record my creative endeavours and by composing them into a legible format for you it's really helped to refine things.  I discovered Holly's blog whilst researching for this post, so if you were in any doubt, she goes into more detail on why you need to share your goals with others too.

Here we go!

Morganna’s Goals 2016

1.      Make time for reading and join the #The Year in Books project. Aim to read 1 book a month and post about it on Morganna Designs blog.  Join in with the monthly Twitter chat (#theyearinbooks, at 9 pm GMT, on the last Monday of the month).

2.      Continue to work on Morganna Designs – Blog

  • Continue to use mornings (before work) to write blog posts.
  • Use Evernote to plan and record ideas.  Aim to develop 4 features/series. 
  • Use Saturday afternoons and holidays to work on general/design updates. (See list in black notebook and + blog + Pinterest board.)
  • Create a new hand-lettered logo.
  • Attend monthly Blogging Café meet-ups.

3.      Continue to showcase Morganna Designs – Flowers

4.      Set-up a Morganna Designs – Etsy Shop

5.      Continue to improve photography

6.      Make our Home more home-ly

7.      Look after my Health

8.    Look after my Wealth

  • Record what I'm spending each month and use Monday lunchtimes to update my spreadsheet / check my accounts.
  • Find ways to reduce my spending and spend wisely on items that are important (de-cluttering the flat will help!)
  • Use Tuesday lunchtimes to update Morganna Designs accounts and start an Evernote page to record other ways of making an income on the side.
  • Set-up an alert for my sole account.  

9.    Make time for Love

  • Have monthly date nights / cinema trips with Steve.
  • Make Friday evenings more special to signal the start of the weekend (bath, podcast, DVD).
  • Meet-up with one of my friends once a month.
  • Do something towards my appearance every month.
  • Create my own self-care kit full of items to make me feel happier (for the grumpy days!). 

10.   Create some good habits

  • Monthly / Weekly / Daily / Morning / Evening / Weekend
  • Use my new #gettowork diary to plan and stay focused! 


So what are your new year goals?  xox