Sunday Coffee / The Hall

Tea at The Hall, Lancaster

Since last summer, me and Steve have made Sunday Coffees a weekly habit, visiting lots of different coffee shops in Lancaster.  So, I thought this little ritual would make a great feature for this little space.  I've decided to rate each cafe on the quality of it's beverages, the surroundings / decor, availability of outdoor space (the option is nice even in Lancaster!) and their offering for special dietary requirements.  To make it more fun, I've got  Steve to add his rating and opinion too (so you get another perspective too!).  

If you'd like to join in with our Sunday Coffee treat (it really is a moment of calm in busy weeks sometimes) then grab your book and head into town for your favourite beverage and let us know what you think about the places we've reviewed, or better still, any recommendations for future visits (we're starting to run out!).  Please tag me in on social media (links in side bar) and use the hashtag #sundaycoffee.  I can't wait to hear from you all!

So here goes, cafe no.1...

Sunday Coffee / 01

Name of Café (link to their website): The Hall

Brief description: The Hall is part of J. Atkinson & Co Coffee Roasters & Tea Merchants business in Lancaster.  Alongside the shop – Atkinsons – it forms the ‘coffee quarter’ on China Street in Lancaster. 

Quality of the beverage: The best in Lancaster.  Not too much of a surprise given that they sell oodles of the stuff in their shop next door!  I actually had herbal tea when we visited as they have a great selection.  Their soya lattes are the best in town, so if you’re a connoisseur of coffee this is the place for you.  

Surroundings:  Uber modern, shabby chic.  The tables and chairs are class-room style minimalist and the walls have been left bare and untreated.  It works.             

Do they have an outside area? Unfortunately not, though it’s sister café the Music Room has a lovely secluded courtyard space which is perfect for sunny days.

Do they provide for different dietary requirements (gluten-free / dairy-free): Soya lattes & gluten-free cake available. Big +

Other comments:  The place can get really busy, so keep an eye on their Facebook page to see if they have an event on that you don’t know about.  

My rating: 8/10 (Losing a mark for no outside space and occasionally being too busy)

Steve’s opinion: The Hall feels like a very fashionable and very dark spot full of trendy types and marketed at the student/young professional market. The major problem for me was that the place felt quite draughty and sterile – very hipster, but not terribly “cosy”. However, it was very different to any other coffee shop I’d been to in Lancaster, and certainly somewhere I’d go back to.

Steve’s rating: 7/10