Summer Walks


Me and Mr S are a big fan of summer evening walks in little Lancaster where we live.  In fact, I've been enjoying walking so much recently that I've incorporated the habit into my lunch breaks at the university too.  I've started to really love walking because it seems to be beneficial in so many ways.  Not only do I have the opportunity to take some great, last of the sunshine, sunset shots like these, but evening strolls have been good for blowing away the cobwebs, getting away from screens and adding a little gentle exercise.  Personally, I've also started to find walking almost meditative, it's become a time to slow down and notice the small things, such as the beautiful magnolia bush adding a touch of oriental glamour to the little terraced side-streets close to our home.  

I'm determined to keep up this new habit as the end of summer approaches and we move into the first crisp days of autumn.  Keeping a photographic record also forms a little bit of history as not long after I took the photos of the derelict waste land by the railway, building work started on fancy new apartments, proof that even the man made landscape around us is constantly changing.  

Here's to more walking and observing, to slowing down and appreciating.