2015: End of Year Review

My vision pages for 2015

December is the time to reflect on the year that's been and make plans for the new year ahead. Me and my friend Paula had a little 'end of year review' when we spoke to each other last week and I thought it would be nice to actually create a run-down of everything great that has happened in 2015.  Hope you enjoy!

JANUARY: Creating practice wrist corsages

January: Me and Steve have a date night meal at the Midland Hotel in Morecambe, indulging in some 1930's decadence.  (They have a good gluten-free menu.) / I buy my Canon EOS-M camera in the Christmas sales and it is one of the best purchases of 2015! / I do my first 'Vitality Week' with Laura Daglish and start the year with some healthy eating habits. / I work on initial corsage designs for Karen & Ian's wedding.  (The final designs evolved quite a bit!)

FEBRUARY: Tea at Pilling Pottery

February: I am extremely busy with Applicant Visit Days at work a.k.a Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts (LICA). / Valentine's Day is our 3rd anniversary and we have a day trip to Pilling Pottery in the hope of painting some pots, unfortunately, they don't do this at the weekend (WHY?!) so we have a cup of tea and admire some of their creations. / I travel to Warrington to visit my friend Ruth and watch 'Wild' at the cinema with my friend Catriona.

MARCH: Ruth's leaving meal

March: I discover GB Antiques as the perfect place for sourcing styling props! / My little sister (Ruth) has her last family meal before going travelling across America. / Steve has a board-game birthday party accompanied with allergy-free birthday buffet!

APRIL: Charity Shop Challenge

April: I go back to Manchester for Easter and have a lovely day in Glossop playing 'Charity Shop Challenge' with my mum and brother. / I go out for Charlotte's birthday meal and meet her lovely friends. / I do a great photography workshop at Myerscough College and me and Jen set-up our Facebook Page for Photo-Shoot Fridays. / Me and Steve have a date night watching 'Dior & I' at The Dukes Cinema.

MAY: UK Games Expo

May: I discover that getting my unruly eyebrows threaded at a Touch of Serenity is the way forward! / We watch Eurovision with Charlotte and visit the UK Games Expo in Birmingham coming home with a boot full of new board-games!

JUNE: First Steps in Styling with Flowers

June: I buy a new laptop to cope with all the photos I've been taking with my new camera.  (Jen and Steve help me get the best spec for my money and it is a great little machine :)) / I do some practice designs for Karen & Ian's wedding including my first attempt at a fashion styling shoot with flowers. / The summer Open Days start at work and I sign-up for this year's Postcard Swap 2015 with Sunny Sweet Pea.

JULY: Allotment Party

July: The day of Karen & Ian's wedding finally arrives and everything comes together beautifully! / We watch the Wimbledon final with our friend Charlotte and I finally get round to using my new laptop and installing the Adobe Suite (a perk of working for LICA!) / We celebrate mum's 60th Birthday with an allotment party and BBQ.

AUGUST: Jeep safari in Crete

August: We go on our summer holiday to Crete and cook in the heat!  Steve gets to drive a jeep on safari and I wear a cabbage patch hat (glamorous!) / We have a trip to Bath for Zaf and Miriam's wedding and get dressed up in the Jane Austen Centre. / I decide to move Morganna Designs over to Squarespace and up my blogging game. / We find our cleaner - Janette - who's a god send!

SEPTEMBER: Continuing the holiday spirit with 'Sunday Coffees'

September: We get a new Assistant in the LICA Admin Office - Andrew - who has introduced me to Spotify and Goodreads this year! / I have dinner with Catriona at 1725 and am working my way through the '30 Days of Film' challenge set by Siobhan at Bless The Weather. / We celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary with an over-priced meal at Quite Simply French in Lancaster. / Jen has her last day in LICA and puts her writing first!

OCTOBER: Halloween in the LICA Admin Office

October: We go to Tynemouth (Newcastle) for a long weekend and I visit 'Compose Your Future' exhibition in Manchester for work. / We get dressed-up in the LICA Admin office for Halloween and I regret saying I'll watch a scary movie with Steve!

NOVEMBER: 'Light up Lancaster' Fireworks at the Castle

November: I watch 'Suffragette' at the Dukes Cinema with Catriona and we celebrate Dad's Birthday watching the amazing 'Light Up Lancaster' fireworks by the Castle. / The 'Queen of Christmas'- Kay - starts in the LICA Admin office just in time for the festive season. / Nob (Robin) and Sarah come to visit and we take them to the Blackpool Tower Dungeons. / I start work on Catherine's silk wedding bouquet and do some early Christmas shopping.

December: The LICA Admin office do Advent in style! / I attend my first Blogging Cafe and get some great advice from the lovely Kerstin and Sharon. / I turn 33 (OMG!) and have a birthday meal at the Sweet Mandarin in Manchester (best gluten-free Chinese food!). / Steve takes me to a 'Winter Skies' star gazing workshop at the Lancaster Adult College for my birthday. / We celebrate Catherine & Mark's wedding (photos and posts to follow in the New Year).

2015 you were a great year!