Weekly Round-up #4

The reeds and duck pond at Lancaster University

This week has been a bit of a mixed bag, but thankfully it's ending well as I sit here catching-up with my little blog, making a few design edits (do you like the start of a side bar) and finally tidying up my Pinterest account.  I've missed a couple of weekly round-ups recently because sometimes life just gets in the way.  However, I feel like I'm going through a bit of a transitional time at the moment which is finally bringing some clarity and focus to my over-anxious mind. So this is what's got me through...

Monday was a bit of a non-day really, filled with back-to-work-after-the-weekend blues, grey skies, mundane tasks and food shopping.  Tuesday and Wednesday were made so much better by lunchtime photography walks with my friend Jen.  Alongside the photo taken above I've posted a few of my best shots on Instagram.  When I look at the photo above, I'm reminded of how lucky I am to work on a beautiful campus with scenes like this.  When you're having a stressful time, being able to step away from your desk, breathe in the fresh air and take in sights like this make everything seem so much brighter.

On Wednesday evening I had a phone-call catch-up with my friend Paula and we've both agreed that we really need to up our game in terms of our goals, giving things a final push through to the end of the year.  Paula reminded me of the 'Screw Work Let's Play' philosophy and we're both going back-to-basics to try and work for at least 20 minutes every day on our most important goal, which for me, is this little online space.  So far, it's helped and I'm really focusing on the daily small steps to get me through right now.  

This weekend it was my Dad's birthday so, along with my sister, he came to visit.  We played Cluedo and walked up by the castle to watch the amazing 'Light Up Lancaster' fireworks display.  I managed to get a few really great photos which I need to weed out from all the missed shots on my camera.  It's trial and error getting the perfect firework shot and a lot of luck with timing!  

Today we visited GB Antiques (it seems to be the place I take all my visitors!) and the farm shop at Lancaster Leisure park.  I managed to get a couple of Christmas presents and snapped up a beautiful vintage basket to house all my hats, scarves, gloves and other winter accessories.  I also brought a lovely little necklace for just £4 which is so dainty and pretty I don't care whether it's an antique or not!  So after a wobbly start...the week is ending on a high.

Here's the best of the rest...


In my Kitchen

Yesterday I made a hearty vegetable soup based on this recipe found on Pinterest.  It was the perfect set-up for bonfire night.  I've also been using my Simple Suppers book for mid-week meals.  This afternoon I watched Jamie Oliver's 15 Minute Meals and have planned to cook Pork Goulash and Kedgeree this week.  


On my Bedside Table

This week I've read Sara's e-book 'The Insta-Retreat'.  I'm a big fan of Sara's blog 'Me & Orla' and her e-book has reignited my passion for Instagram.  I'm not quite up to the phenomenon of Sara's account, but with a few tips and tricks from this little e-book I'll be well on my way. Alongside this, I've been catching up with Bloglovin and so pleased that Siobhan over at 'Bless The Weather' is back as I love her weekly 'Nice Stuff' posts.  

On my Speakers

So my fling with Spotify is blossoming into a truly beautiful bond and it's been a god-send for days in the office when you just need to get your head down and get on with it.  New finds this week, however, have been via Bloglovin (yes I love this platform so much) as I've just discovered C E R E A L's Autumn Playlist and all their previous playlists.  I think I may be at the stage of creating my own playlist to share with you all soon...fingers crossed!

On my TV

We're persevering with 'Breaking Bad' which in my eyes is a bit of a slow burner.  I loved the last episode we watched as you really start to root for Walt taking on mean drug gangster types! On Friday, we went to watch 'Spectre' before Steve headed to Newcastle for the weekend.  I have to say the first 30 minutes were great, but I'm really not sure about Madeleine Swann as a bond girl.  Tonight, I'm home alone so after catching the Strictly results (Jay to win!) I'll probably stick with tradition and put on the Vicar of Dibley which is my go-to Box Set when Steve is away - it's so chocolate box that I soon forget I'm home alone and sleep soundly!

So that's been me.  How have you been?