Weekly Round-up #5

Another wet day in Lancaster!

This week has been a week of two halves, the first half feeling stuck and unproductive and the second feeling much more focused and positive.  I guess this is due to lots of different things going on and if I'm honest I think I may have finally pulled myself out of the rut I've been in recently.  

Life has felt very much dominated by my day job lately and this week (thanks to certain friends - you know who you are) I realised that I really need to redress this balance.  I know lots of creatives and entrepreneurs talk of a morning routine and as I'm a terrible morning person, I kind of wrote off the whole concept as never being any use to me.  However, since Wednesday, I've been getting up 30 minutes earlier to sit and work on my own creative project (usually this little space) and it has made a huge difference.  By focusing on what's important to me first, I set the scene for a much better day.  I really hope I keep this up as even just 30 minutes every morning equates to 2 1/2 hours extra creative time....yay!

This weekend has been lovely as we've had no plans which means we could fully relax and do what we want, when we want.  Saturday was a day for a lie in, mooching about town and enjoying the crisp autumn sunshine.  Today, we got up a bit earlier and after dropping Steve off at the gym, I headed to GB Antiques (again!) and Lancaster Leisure park for some Christmas shopping.  I'm trying to get ahead of the game this year.  After lunch we headed for our Sunday coffee and this afternoon we've caught up on household tasks.  I've also managed to get in some time in the studio working on designs for a festive, silk flower wedding.  So all in all, I'm really pleased with these steps I'm taking to regain some balance and do you know what, I think I may have got my mojo back!

Here's what's helped along the way...


In my Kitchen

I've decided that weekends are when I really need to do some batch cooking as during work nights I really don't have the energy.  I think it will make a difference to have my food prepared and will help to save time in the evenings.  I've made a Gluten Free Rhubarb Crumble and was inspired by these freezer recipes to create meat balls and a chilli.  If anyone has any good freezer recipes they know of please let me know in the comments below.  


On my Bedside Table

This week, I finally finished the Ruth Rendell I've been reading and have just started 'The Girl Who Played With Fire' by Stieg Larsson.  I've read the first book, which I  kind of lost my way with at times and watched the 'The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo' films so hopefully this will be good too.  Other than that, I've been reading MyLifebox Designs post about starting an Etsy shop and wondering if 2016 is the year I give this a try?  As Anna-Rose says "THERE IS NO PERFECT TIME TO OPEN YOUR SHOP, JUST DO IT AND EVERYTHING WILL COME YOUR WAY NATURALLY."

On my Speakers

This week I've discovered The Fizzle Show - a podcast for creative entrepreneurs.  Once you get past the Americanisms and annoying ad-libs there are some real nuggets of inspiration.  I've made listening to podcasts part of my morning routine and along with time to work on my creative projects it's really helping me to start the day with a positive mindset.  I would recommend listening to 'How to Manage a Side Project with a Full Time Job' and 'How We Deal with the Cesspool of Self-Doubt'.

On my TV

Did you see the last episode of River this week?  I thought it was lovely and will really miss curling up on the sofa to watch it on Tuesday nights.  In-between times we've been re-watching episodes of The Office and I'm so excited that #LuthersBack!  I think I have a bit of time to wait though (according to Twitter it's not until the 17th December).  In the meantime, I'm searching for a new box set and deciding on Christmas films to watch whilst wrapping presents.  Again, please add suggestions for both in the comments below.


So, how are you getting on? Much love friends xox