Weekly Round-up #1

Sunday coffee at The Whaletail Cafe, Lancaster

Since re-committing to blogging and moving my old Tumblr site over to Squarespace, I've been using photographs taken with my Canon EOS-M as the drive behind my content.  However, as I blog roughly once a week, you can imagine what a backlog of images and blog post ideas I have!  One of the main reasons I started blogging was to record my creative endeavours and inspirations, but also to create an online diary to elevate the everyday.  Recently, I've realised that I've been missing the immediacy and space to record what's been going on in the here-and-now, not just the creative projects going on in-between.  My answer came when I read Anna's post on her October Project.  So, here is my version of a weekly round-up, I'm not sure if it will stick but sometimes it's about taking risks and seeing what works.  Here we go!

This week has been particularly frustrating at work and I've been full of anxious overload.  At times like this, I usually end up browsing the self-help section on Amazon, however, this week, this post on 'Honouring Your Limits' by Kate seemed to resonate and provided some well-needed comfort.  

Me & Steve on our Wedding Day - Photograph by Karen Jane Gordon Photography

On Monday it was our 1st Wedding Anniversary and we had a nice but overly priced meal at Quite Simply French in Lancaster.  The food was good, but they didn't really have much choice for people with multiple food intolerances like us.  It was a lesson learnt in researching and phoning ahead before going for a meal.  

On Tuesday it was Jen's last day in the LICA office.  We had coffee and gluten-free cake to wish her farewell and lots of luck in her new role as STORi Co-ordinator for the Maths department.  M&S have a surprisingly good selection of gluten-free cakes and I would recommend their gluten-free almond tray bake.  It's not dairy-free, but I'm experimenting with allowing myself a little dairy every so often which seems to be going ok.  

On Wednesday, I had a phone call catch-up with my friend, Paula.  She's recently started a new job at Christie's Auction House which is very exciting and I'm hoping she can fill me in on all the art gossip!  

On Thursday I got my eyebrows threaded at a Touch of Serenity and whilst it isn't the most relaxing of treatments it really is like a mini facelift when you go from mono-brow to beautiful brows!  

This weekend I did a Pilates Workshop.  Getting-up relatively early on a Saturday morning is such a virtuous feeling and I desperately need to do more exercise so hopefully I can keep it up.  There's also been lots of sleep, Strictly Come Dancing and me and Steve are keeping-up with our traditional Sunday coffee, this week at The Whaletail cafe.


In my Kitchen

I recently treated myself to Madeleine Shaw's 'Get the Glow' cookbook and am loving the recipes.  This weekend I made Squash Curry with Ginger and Lime Rice and Raw Cranberry (substitute for Cherries) and Chocolate Fudge.  Both have been very tasty and don't require stupidly long lists of ingredients.


On my Bedside Table

I've just finished 'Adam & Eve & Pinch Me' by Ruth Rendell and having enjoyed it so much I've recently just started 'A Sight for Sore Eyes' (both recommended by my mum).  I'm also working through 'My So-Called Freelance Life' by Michelle Goodman and occasionally dipping in to 'Canon EOS-M - From Snapshots to Great Shots' to try and improve my photography.

On my Speakers

I'm really getting in to Spotify at the moment and my recent fave songs are 'Down Sound of Me' by CHVRCHES and 'Fade Away' by Susanne Sundfor.

On my TV

Strictly Come Dancing of course!  I also stayed up late last night to watch the film 'Bridesmaids' it's been on my 'to watch' list for ages and I'm so glad I got to see it as it's hilarious.  The scene in the bridal dress shop made me laugh out loud.  I'm also thinking of giving 'From Darkness' a go tonight as Downton Abbey is just disappointing at the moment.  

So that's been me this week.  I hope you've had a great week too, I'd love to hear from you with any recommendations and to hear how your week's been?


Till next time xox