5 Reasons To Choose Gypsophila

For Morganna Designs, the past year has been all about 'Gypsophila', or as it's more commonly known 'Baby's Breath', with Steph's Floral Crown, Catriona's rustic table arrangements and Karen's lace-y bridesmaid bouquets (pictured above). So why has 'Gyp' been so popular and will this continue?  Here's the reasons I think it's great....

  1.  It's economical - a bunch of Gyp from the wholesaler can really go a long way and I think just over 1 bunch covered all the bouquets for Karen's bridesmaids in July.  It used to be the case that Gypsophila was used by florists as a cheap filler alongside pricier, showier flowers.  Recently, this has all changed and now it's the star of the show!
  2. It's beautiful on its own - you really don't need any accompaniments to showcase Gyp in all it's glory.  A simple, single flower bouquet looks understated and classic and does not require unnecessary foliage or over-stylised accessories.  I love how elegant Karen's bridesmaid bouquets looked.  They fitted the theme and country-garden wedding location perfectly.  
  3. It's easy to use - you don't need a great deal of skill to put together a single flower bouquet of Gypsophila and it is definitely something you can try yourself at home.  This tutorial over at Boho Weddings takes you through the process step-by-step.
  4. It can create a cohesive look - if you decide to use Gypsophila in your bouquets then why not bring it in to other elements of your day whether it's matching buttonholes or flowers for the venue or reception.  There are endless possibilities, but to help you out, I've created a Pinterest board dedicated to * Gypsophila * ideas...  
  5. It lasts the day - if you want a flower that will last the day, Gypsophila is perfect and any florist's dream to work with.  It is particularly hardy and can last a full day without water which means that it's perfect for buttonholes and pew ends and can easily be prepared the day before.  Gyp also dries well and I was so pleased when I found out that Steph (one of my bride's from last year) had kept and dried her Gypsophila floral crown.

So, if you're getting married why not consider Gypsophila....it's so much more than a filler!