Weekly Round-up #3

This week has thankfully felt a lot calmer and generally run quite smoothly, with no mid-week chaos.  I can't believe it's Sunday night and it's the start of another busy week tomorrow.  I really don't want to get behind on my weekly round-ups so here we go...

On Monday, I had a day out of the office visiting 'Compose Your Future' UCAS Fair to do some research and secret shopping.  It was good to mix-up the normal routine and it really helped to add some depth to my knowledge of performance education.  

On Tuesday, I had a phone-call catch-up with my sister-in-law as I am doing the flowers and photography for her wedding in December.  We've decided to go with silk flowers as the wedding is taking place over 2 days and real flowers really wouldn't last.  It will be a new challenge for me as I tend to work with mainly fresh flowers, however, I'm really excited to be branching out, creating a lovely, festive bouquet.  I'm also hoping to improve my photography skills for the wedding and over the next month, I'll be purchasing some new photography equipment (lens recommendations greatly received!) and researching portrait photography techniques.  

Mid-week I had lunch with my friend Catriona and discussed the pros and cons of being a control freak.  On the one hand, being an obsessive list maker, organisational, tidy freak has been really beneficial and I guess it's why I survive in the job I do, remembering 101 things and have a super-human ability to place where Steve's left his car keys!  However, on the negative side, I sometimes struggle to go with the flow in life, I have to have a plan A and a plan B and losing things sends me in to a hyperventilating melt-down!  However, there are times in life, when it doesn't matter how prepared you think you are, life just throws you a curve-ball or you just can't plan ahead and have to let nature take its course...     

This weekend, we've had both my Mum and Dad to visit which has been really nice.  On Saturday, me and mum visited GB antiques where Mum brought me the lovely vintage red beret (pictured above).  I could spend the whole day in that place and it was nice to stop and browse without having an impatient husband chivvying me on.  Today, I went to Lancaster City Museum with Dad and brought this great little book (pictured above) which explains the history behind the well-known buildings in Lancaster.  There's even a map at the front of the book with the location of each landmark so I'm thinking of taking it on our next weekend walk.

So, all in all, it's been a good week.  Here's the best of the rest...


In my Kitchen

This week I've been eating the rest of my home-made chicken curry which despite the fluorescent yellow colour, was very tasty and surprisingly simple.  The recipe was based on Madeline Shaw's Monkfish Curry (obviously replacing monkfish with chicken).  I also really need to keep a list of quick, mid-week meals on hand for busy working days...maybe this book from my collection will help?   


On my Bedside Table

I'll probably flick through my new 'Lancaster History Tour' book tonight and will be taking my current Ruth Rendell with me when we travel to Newcastle next weekend.  I was toying with the idea of buying a photography magazine today, but I really can't justify the cost when there are so many great resources online.  I do think there is a gap in the market for a more female-friendly photography publication...anyone else noticed this?


On my Speakers

So I finally have a follower on Spotify...yay!  New finds this week have been Loreen, do you remember her from Eurovision? and Lissie because anyone who covers Fleetwood Mac is a hit with me!  

On my TV

My brother has just lent us 'Breaking Bad' to try as we're currently without a box set.  Other than that, we've been re-watching some of our favourite Office episodes (both from The UK Office and American Office).  I do think I'm a bit like Dawn/Pam sometimes as a creative person stuck in an admin role and I might see if I could get a Party Planning Committee started at LICA!     

So that's been me.  What's your week been like?