Weekly Round-up #2

So I'm sticking with the Weekly Round-up and am going to try and mix in some updates on creative projects in-between.  I have to report that after last week, things haven't really calmed down that much and Thursday was another particularly frustrating day at work where I spent all day working on something to be told that plans have changed...argh!!  It's perhaps no bad thing to have the occasional bad day as it makes you take a step back from things, you re-assess your goals and most of the time you come back stronger than before.  That's what I'm taking with me anyway, that and these amazingly cute little illustrations that remind me to take care of my mental health everyday no matter what happens.

Other than that, things have been pretty standard this week, plodding on with mundane tasks like food shopping and getting back into new routines.  My weekly Body Blitz session has moved to Thursday evenings and I quite like it, sweating out all the stress from the week and leaving it behind for the weekend.  I also quite like having Mondays free to prepare for the week ahead.  I could do with fitting in some more exercise though and am thinking about running/walking (probably walking to start with!) home from work on the days that Steve has badminton.  

Yesterday, I spent some time in the studio creating a floral birthday gift and in the afternoon my locks got some well-deserved pampering and a fresh look for autumn.  

Here's the best of the rest...


In my Kitchen

I have to admit, this week hasn't been particularly productive in the kitchen.  I've been consciously trying to eat up my cupboards and freezer, to keep our shopping bills low (it can be really expensive living a gluten-free / dairy-free life).  I'm toying with the idea of buying a slow cooker so that I can have my meals cooked and ready for when I get back from a busy day at work.  What do you think?  I quite like the look of this one.  


On my Bedside Table

Ok, so this isn't exactly on my bedside table, but it is a book that I'm working through at the minute.  In a bid to improve my Photoshop skills, I got the Adobe Photoshop Classroom in a Book last year and am slowly increasing my skills.  It's really good for people who don't have time to do evening classes or just want to work through things at their own pace.  I've also been flicking through 'Instructions for Happiness and Success' by Susie Pearl.  There's lots of exercises to try and a series of audio's to listen to that accompany the book which I might try to save to my phone for my lunchtime walks.  


On my Speakers

New finds on Spotify this week have been Grimes and Alela Diane.  I'm relatively new to Spotify so if you're a fan too I'm looking for new people to follow and new recommendations to listen to.  You can find me here.  

On my TV

We're currently without a box set at the moment as Steve won't let us buy any more DVDs until we've watched what we already have.  This weekend we watched Erin Brockovich which Steve hasn't seen.  However, after half an hour, he'd decided that she wasn't a nice person and gave up on it.  I still love it though and finished it by myself.  It's the perfect film to watch if you've lost your mojo.  I'm of course still hooked on Strictly Come Dancing - how good was Jay this week?!  I'm also going to give From Darkness another go tonight.  

So that's been me.  Hope you've had a good week too?